Wooden Bicycle

Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle

Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle

The Keim Arvak bicycle – named for the mythological skeletal horse – is a collaborative creation between woodworker Till Breitfuss founded the Keim studio and designer Paule Guerin. Their first bicycle creation has been done in April 2014, and recently made an appearance at Bespoked 2015, the UK handmade bicycle show. The Keim Arvak wooden [...]

Jan Gunneweg’s Wooden Bicycle

Jan Gunneweg's Wooden Bicycle

This Wooden Bicycle was designed by an industrial designer, Jan Gunneweg. Jan Gunneweg’s creations are elegant and designed with style. With his unique, daring designs and high technical skill, Jan Gunneweg has successfuly created this user-friendly wooden bike that features flawless design, a solid wood frame, asymetrical wooden wheels and natural-tone brown tires.

Logomorph Design Black Walnut Bike

Logomorph Design Black Walnut Bike

Logomorph Design has created single speed bicycle which is made from American Black Walnut wood and features a customized combination of high quality hardware- custom aluminum dropouts and fittings as well as Phil Wood track hubs, a Chris King headset, White Industries drive train and pedals, Mavic rims, Diacomp brakes and rust-free chain.

Benobon: Eco-friendly Bent Plywood Bike

Benobon, Eco-friendly Bent Plywood Bike

Designed by warsaw-based designer Stanislaw Ploski, this bent plywood bicycle is called Bonobo. The bike was recently presented at DMY berlin 2011 as part of the ‘perspective’ exhibition. Intended for urban cyclists, the frame of Bonobo is composed with a strong and lightweight plywood, which can be easily recycled. Plywood is also absorbs vibrations material.

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