Jan Gunneweg’s Wooden Bicycle

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Jan Gunneweg's Wooden Bicycle
Jan Gunneweg's Wooden Bicycle

Jan Gunnewegs Wooden Bicycle

This Wooden Bicycle was designed by an industrial designer, Jan Gunneweg. Jan Gunneweg’s creations are elegant and designed with style. With his unique, daring designs and high technical skill, Jan Gunneweg has successfuly created this user-friendly wooden bike that features flawless design, a solid wood frame, asymetrical wooden wheels and natural-tone brown tires.

There’s no word on the details or pricing.

Jan Gunnewegs Wooden BicycleJan Gunnewegs Wooden BicycleJan Gunnewegs Wooden Bicycle


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Jan Gunneweg's Wooden BicycleJan Gunneweg's Wooden Bicycle_1Jan Gunneweg's Wooden Bicycle_2Jan Gunneweg's Wooden Bicycle_3

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October 4th, 2011 at 11:33 pm

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