ORIGIN: Zero Emission Concept Vehicle

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ORIGIN: Zero Emission Concept Vehicle
ORIGIN, Zero Emission Concept Vehicle

ORIGIN: Zero Emission Concept Vehicle
Desiged by Mr king ho CHAN, student of University of Canberra, this zero emission concept vehicle is called the ORIGIN. ORIGIN is a revolutionary greener vehicle which features advanced technologies for a greener and healthier future.

Combining the benefits of car, trike and recumbent bike, ORIGIN features good mobility, protection and green lifestyle. Its sleek exterior design is inspired from old fighting plant and also dolphin. And its interior is constructed in 3D veneer, which is totally non toxic to the environment.

This zero emission concept vehicle also made from recycled and biodegradable materials.ORIGIN also features transparent and flexible solar panel, futuristic active wheel as well as linear pedaling charging system. Click here for the details.

ORIGIN: Zero Emission Concept VehicleORIGIN: Zero Emission Concept Vehicle

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ORIGIN, Zero Emission Concept VehicleORIGIN, Zero Emission Concept Vehicle_1ORIGIN, Zero Emission Concept Vehicle_2

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