The Fat Bad Coolest Electric Folding Bike Available for €1,998

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The Fat Bad Coolest Electric Folding Bike Available for €1,998
The Fat Bad Coolest Electric Folding Bike_4

Italian-based company, Bad-Bike, has proudly revealed its new electric folding bike, called the Fat Bad. As its name suggests, the folding e-bike features a huge 20-inch reinforced aluminum wheels with width 40 mm.

The Fat Bad is perfect for those who are looking for a compact e-bike which not only can be easily taken on board buses or trains, but also can be ridden in snow, soft mud and other adverse conditions, thanks to its extra large tires and 7-speed Shimano drivetrain.

The Fat Bad electric folding bike is avaialble in two variants: 36V/250-watt and 48V/500-watt. The 250-watt model is powered by a 10-Ah lithium-polymer battery pack that is mounted vertically behind the seat post, allowing the bike travel for up to 43 miles on a charge. It will take up to five hours to get the battery fully charged. Motor output is adjusted trought a three-speed controller, and there’s also a battery life indicator for showing how much juice is left.

The folding e-bike weighs only 25-kg (55-lb/with battery), thanks to its rugged aluminum alloy frame. It also comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, plus optional LED lighting, mud guards and bell.

How to buy? Go preorder the Fat Bad via the official Bad Bike online store. The 250-watt base model is priced at €1,598 ($1,775) and requires a €298 deposit, while the 500-watt Fat Bad R model is priced at €1,998 ($2,220) with a €348 deposit.

The Fat Bad will make its public apperance at Eurobike 2015 at the end of the month, along with a fat-tired version of the Beach Vintage Side, claimed as the first sidebike in the world (Pictured below is the non-fat Beach Vintage Side model)

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