Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle

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Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle
Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle_5

The Keim Arvak bicycle – named for the mythological skeletal horse – is a collaborative creation between woodworker Till Breitfuss founded the Keim studio and designer Paule Guerin. Their first bicycle creation has been done in April 2014, and recently made an appearance at Bespoked 2015, the UK handmade bicycle show.

The Keim Arvak wooden bicycle weighs only 7.5 kg, thanks to its bodywork that is made entirely from ash. The silent and homogeneous monocoque-frame is made from dozens of layers of white ash, with a high modulus bio-sourced resin between each for added strength and weather-resistance. The frame is complemented with other elements such as carbon wheels made by Corima, Miche pedals, and an Italian-made fi’zi:k seat as well as the handlebars, front fork, and gear, all of which are painted black. The bike comes standard with single speed hub.

Production of the Arvak bicycle is limited, with each frame is hand built to the exact customer specs. In 2014, the Arvak bicycle was priced at approximately $11,000 USD.

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Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle_5Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle_4Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle_3Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle_2Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle_1Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle Black and White_7Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle Black and White_6Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle Black and White_5Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle Black and White_4Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle Black and White_3Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle Black and White_2Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle Black and White_1Keim Arvak Wooden Bicycle Black and WhiteKeim Arvak Wooden Bicycle

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